Institutional Governance and Protocol

The Office of the Secretary supports governance efforts across the University.

Office of the Secretary of the University

Within the Office of the President, the Office of the Secretary of the University has primary responsibility for supporting the governance of the University. The office facilitates the work of the Board of Trustees, including its regular meetings, strategic retreats, publications, directories, committee staffing, and orientation for new Trustees. In collaboration with the deans, the office coordinates the work of 14 Advisory Councils and staffing of other boards including the Medical Center, Laboratory Schools, Marine Biological Laboratory, and Baptist Theological Union.

Moreover, the office plays a role in:

  • conferring honorary degrees, awards, and medals;
  • arranging special programs and protocol for visiting dignitaries;
  • regulating use of the University seal and mace, the design of University diplomas and other documents of record, and access to certain institutional records;
  • identifying representatives of the University for other institutions’ occasions of high ceremony.

In supporting institutional governance efforts at the University, the Office of the Secretary works closely with other departments and units, including the Office of Legal Counsel.